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Q. Will there be ant additional costs to my order?

A.Yes, additional costs will be incurred when adding person or purchasing original files.

Yon can pay extra charge on the spot.

Q. What payment methods does photomatic accept?

A. You can pay in card or cash(Korean Won)

Q. Do I have to make a reservation for Photo Booth?

A. No, you can take pictures anytime when we are open!

Q. How many people can take pictures in studio?

A. There is no limit, but we recommend under 7 people.

Q. Is there a parking area?

A. We do offer valet parking. Valet parking fee is 3000won

Q. Can I change the reservation or cancel it?

A.Yes. You can cancel your reservation and pay again on the day you want.

Cancellations and changes are only possible one week in advance.

Please make it carefully :)

There is no post.